Tough Sh!t

Why toilets?

Why toilets?

OK, so it’s all a bit of a laugh, but there’s a serious reason why we need to talk sh!t.

Did you know 2.3 billion people worldwide (one in three) don’t have a decent toilet? Madness, eh? Many have no choice but to go in the open – especially embarrassing and risky for women and girls. Not disposing of faeces properly spreads diseases fast – diseases that kill 900 children every day. So loos are actually life-savers! By taking part in Tough Sh!t you can help raise awareness and funds to make change happen.

A toilet is something everyone should take for granted – at home, school, work and in public places. It is a basic human right that protects people from dangerous diseases and allows them more opportunities to live their lives. Find out more about the importance of toilets and the work WaterAid is doing on our website here.

We know the event name 'Tough Sh!t' is a bit risqué and doesn’t work for everyone but we needed something that got across how seriously we take the toilet and sanitation crisis across the world. Toilets are serious business!

Credit: WaterAid/Anna Kari

Justin Ranaiyo, a mechanic from Miandrivazo in Madagascar, knows all too well how important toilets are. He’s one of the people to have benefitted from WaterAid’s sanitation marketing, where small local businesses are supported to buy and sell basic toilet components and promote the benefits of hygiene in their communities.

Justin says, “I really hate not having a latrine – I know it costs money, but everyone should have one. There are so many benefits – first as far as health is concerned it’s good because of the air we breathe. It allows us to stop sicknesses.”

As well as spreading awareness by sharing your Tough Sh!t experience on social media, you can raise money for WaterAid and help reach everyone, everywhere with a toilet by 2030.

Registration numbers: England and Wales 288701, Scotland SC039479