Tough Sh!t


Over the 10k-ish toilet-themed Tough Sh!t course, you’ll come face to face with a variety of obstacles – some you might expect, some you might not. To prove you really are ‘the sh!t’, you’ll need to be prepared to get your hands dirty and wipe away your fears. Check out this great vid from the 2017 South event to see what you might be in for!

*Obstacle details are also released on our Facebook page. So make sure to follow us there for the most up to date information*

Featured obstacle
Reach for the Bleach

This obstacle is all about keeping your grip and your rhythm. Swing forwards and backwards to help you reach the next bar.

Maintaining relaxed is key. Tense up and you'll fall in.

Obviously good technique, a strong core and a bit of upper body strength also helps!

Featured obstacle
Nature Crawls Crawls.jpg

This obstacle is all about getting down and dirty!

Crawl or crouch along under the cargo net while semi-submerged.

You will get wet. You will get muddy. You will answer the crawl of nature!

Featured obstacle
Bathroom barricades

Ever had toruble getting into the bathroom? Well at our event you'll need to scale walls. It's called 'Tough Sh!t' for a reason!

Just get a grip of the top of the wall and pull yourself up. Make sure to give each other space, safely get up and over the other side before heading down and finding a clear landing area.

Reaching the top may require a jump up or getting a helping hand from another runner.

Strong arms, shoulders and backs are key to getting over wall obstacles.

Registration numbers: England and Wales 288701, Scotland SC039479