Tough Sh!t

Frequently asked Questions


*PLEASE NOTE - some details on this page are from our 2017 events. This page will be updated when registrations open for our 2018 events*

What is Tough Sh!t?

Tough Sh!t is a 10k-ish toilet-themed muddy obstacle run organised by WaterAid. To prove you really are ‘the sh!t’, you’ll need to be prepared to get your hands dirty and wipe away your fears.

How do I enter Tough Sh!t?

Easy, just head to our events page when the registration link goes live

Where are the events being held?

*TBC for 2018*

In 2017, we had two events:

  • Tough Sh!t Midlands held at Carsington Water, Severn Trent Water, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1ST
  • Tough Sh!t South held at Pippingford Park, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HW

How do I get to the venue?

*TBC for 2018*

How much is the entry fee?

*TBC for 2018*

Are there any age restrictions?

*TBC for 2018*

What's included in my entry fee?

*TBC for 2018*

Your entry fee purely covers the cost of you taking part in the event.

In our 2017 events participants received/had access to:

  • The chance to tackle our fully marshalled 10k-ish toilet-themed course complete with a variety of challenging obstacles
  • An exclusive Tough Sh!t technical t-shirt to wear during the event
  • A finisher's medal and a few finish line goodies
  • Water from stations around the course
  • Bag & valuables drop in the event village
  • Changing room tents
  • Car parking
  • Catering vans
  • Medical support (hopefully not required but there if you need it)
  • Facepainting & temporary tattoos
  • Photo op area complete with a toilet throne and props -  to make your pictures extra special!
  • Event information, training plans and fundraising support from the Tough Sh!t team before and after the event.

We're to provide all of this in 2018 and make improvements to them - all based on feedback from our 2017 participants. We'll update this page with more details when we have them.

I can’t come! Is my entry fee refundable or can I defer to next year?

No, it’s a shame to hear you can’t make it but the entry fees for this event purely cover the cost of the event and as many of these costs are paid well before the event takes place, we cannot offer any refunds or deferments.

However, you can transfer your place to another person up until a week before your event.

I can’t come! Is my entry transferable?

Yes, you can transfer your place to another person up until a week before your event. That person could always pay you back personally, pay for your place in next year’s event (hint hint) or take you out for a meal to say thank you. Just a few ideas.

When will I receive my event pack?

We will send you an event day booklet by email in the weeks before the event. It will include everything you need to know about the event, like how to get there, where to park cars, what to do on the day, and details of the event facilities.

You can collect your race number, bag/key drop tags and Tough Sh!t branded technical t-shirt at the registration tent on the day.

We will also have some face paint and temporary tattoos available in the event village to really get you looking the part!

What time does the event start?

*TBC for 2018*

In 2017, the first flush set off at 10am with later flushes at 10.30am & 11.00am. We're likely to follow this format in 2018 but can't confirm at this stage.
Whatever time you sign up for make sure you arrive an hour before your start time. This will give you time to pick up your race number, drop off your kit, and make any last minute preparations before you head to the start line.

Can I choose my own start time?

Yes. You do this when you register.

Can I sign up as part of a team?

Yes! Unlike going to the loo, the event is more fun with your mates alongside you. Just enter a team name when you register and invite people to sign up by sending them the link to the event along with your team name and password (if used). There is no restriction to the number of people in a team.

How many people will be taking part?

*TBC for 2018*

In 2017 there were a number of start flushes on the day with a maximum of 200 people per flush. This is designed to prevent blockages on the course.

Is there a bag/key drop facility?

A free bag drop facility will be provided for everyone taking part. This will be in the race village and will be fully supervised. Items are left at the owner's risk. You'll also be able to leave your car keys with us in an envelope we provide, meaning you can leave your change of clothing and valuables in your car if you prefer.

Will there be refreshments on site?

Yes. Water will be provided on the course and at the end. There will be a small snack or two in your goody bag but you'll be able to grab some proper food and drink from our caterers in the event village.

What medical facilities will there be on site?

There will be medics on the course in case of accidents and emergencies. There will also be medics and a treatment area in the start/finish.

Will there be photographers?

*TBC for 2018*

In 2017 we were able to provide free pictures for all of our participants and we're looking to do this again for 2018.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, as long as they're kept on leads at all times we're happy for you to bring well-behaved dogs to the event with your friends and family looking after them while you take part in the event. We would ask that you try to keep them away from the busiest areas of the event such as registration and bag drop.

Can my friends and family come to watch?

Yes! What's the point of making a mess of yourself if your friends and family can't watch you do it? There will be viewing areas at the start/finish so they will get the chance to see you take on some of the obstacles.

Can my friends and family volunteer at the events?

Yes! Even better than coming to watch, your supporters could really get involved by volunteering at the event. This could be cheering people at the finish, helping them with their face paint and temporary tattoos or giving out t shirts at registration. If you or anyone you know is interested please just email us at toughsh! .

Depending on capacity, we may also be able to offer volunteers a place in the final ‘flush’ of the day in return for their help on the day. This will be arranged closer to the event date and is not guaranteed at this stage.

Will volunteers get free entry into this year’s or next year’s event?

Depending on capacity, we may also be able to offer volunteers a place in the final ‘flush’ of the day in return for their help on the day. This will be arranged closer to the event date and is not guaranteed at this stage.

What should I wear?

We suggest wearing close-fitting, sports clothing that won't snag on the obstacles or restrict your movement – no capes (although underpants on the outside are optional!). If you have them, sports gloves and technical clothing can protect your skin from scratches and wick away the inevitable sweat. A technical Tough Sh!t t shirt (provided as part of your entry) over a long-sleeve base layer combined with sports leggings would be ideal.

How fit do I need to be and what kind of obstacles will there be?

You should be reasonably fit as this isn't an event for a total beginner but we want it to be an enjoyable challenge for all participants. The course will be 10k-ish over a mix of terrain with a variety of obstacles in your way. Be ready for running, splashing, crawling and climbing. We aim to have achievable obstacles, sometimes with different versions for different ability levels and you are free to skip any obstacles you don’t wish to attempt – just let our marshals know.

Will there be any deep water or obstacles that require swimming?

No. We will have you getting muddy and wet taking on our obstacles and crossing a small stream or two but there will be no deep water involved and you definitely won't need to swim!

What if I don't want to tackle a particular obstacle?

No problem. Go around it. We won't make you do anything you don't want to. It is meant to be fun after all!

Can I walk rather than run?

Yes - you are absolutely free to walk. All we would ask with regards to walking is that you start nearer the back of your 'flush' to let runners go ahead and where possible are able to allow runners from later 'flushes' space to get past you whilst on the course. This will allow everyone involved to have the best and most fun experience possible.

Who is organising the events?

The Tough Sh!t events are setup & paid for by WaterAid. We have hired 8.2 Ltd, an experienced outdoor challenge events agency, to help us provide the best course & on the day experience possible.

Why create a toilet-themed obstacle course run and why call it ‘Tough Sh!t’?

We believe everyone, everywhere should have clean water, decent toilets and good sanitation. It’s just normal, right? However, 2.3 billion people – that’s 1 in 3– don’t have access to a decent toilet. This is why WaterAid is hosting Tough Sh!t to raise funds to bring toilets and clean water to everyone, everywhere.. A toilet is something everyone should have – at home, school, work and in public places. It is a basic human right that protects people from dangerous diseases and allows them more opportunities to live their lives. Find more information about the importance of toilets and the work WaterAid is doing on our website here.

We know the name is a bit risqué but we needed something that shows how seriously we take the toilet and sanitation crisis across the world. Toilets are serious business!

Do I have to raise money for WaterAid?

We'd love it if you did! Your entry fee only covers the cost of taking part in the event. Every penny you raise in sponsorship will help the world's poorest people get life-saving loos and clean water. You can set up your online fundraising pages using the links below.

Tough Sh!t does not have a set fundraising target - so it’s really up to you to choose the amount and type of fundraising you would like to do.

Your welcome email from us will include a link to a fundraising pack, which is full of ideas to get you started and the Tough Sh!t team at WaterAid are always happy to give advice and support. Once event registrations are open we will also provide weblinks that you can use to quickly and easily setup a JustGiving fundraising page.

Can I fundraise for other charities?

No. This event has been created to help raise funds for WaterAid and its vital work to help the world's poorest people get life-saving loos and clean water. WaterAid are paying all the costs of the event and the Tough Sh!t staff at WaterAid have been working for months to create the event. Therefore, WaterAid are the only charity that you can fundraise for at this event.

Flush time information

Flush number Time
Flush 1 10.00am
Flush 2 10.30am
Flush 3 11.00am
Later flush times (11.30am, 12.00pm, 12.30pm & 13.00pm) will be added dependant on demand
Please note – Your entry fee only covers the cost of taking part in the event and we would strongly encourage you to consider fundraising. All money raised will go towards WaterAid’s mission to help provide taps and toilets to those most in need around the world.

Entry fees

Date Price
Early bird - May £40
Standard entry - June-August £45
Last minute - Sept-Oct £50

Venue information

Sunday 1st October 2017

Tough Sh!t Midlands

Carsington Water

Severn Trent Water





Saturday 28th October 2017

Tough Sh!t South

Pippingford Park


East Sussex

TN22 3HW

Registration numbers: England and Wales 288701, Scotland SC039479